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BMJ Surgery, Interventions, & Health Technologies

is an open access journal from BMJ dedicated to disseminating high quality research and reviews on surgery, surgical devices, and complex healthcare interventions.

BMJ Surgery, Interventions, & Health Technologies is an open access journal that publishes original research on complex healthcare interventions. Intended to encourage higher standards of science and more rapid dissemination of new knowledge in the field, it provides a high-impact international platform for both early and later stage clinical studies as well as long-term assessment and surveillance studies that meet high standards of design and reporting. It actively promotes the adoption of an IDEAL-based model of an evaluation framework and encourages the submission of studies at progressive stages, with a focus on device-based surgical and invasive treatments. BMJ Surgery, Interventions, & Health Technologies adheres to the highest possible industry standards concerning publication ethics. To read the journal's detailed guidelines please see our policies.

Art Sedrakyan, MD, PhD, ScD, Weill Cornell Medicine
Peter McCulloch, MD, University of Oxford
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The Precision Prostatectomy

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BMJ Surgery, Interventions, & Health Technologies is led by Peter McCulloch and Art Sedrakyan. Dr. McCulloch serves as Professor of Surgical Science & Practice in the Nuffield Department of Surgical Science at the University of Oxford and the Chair of the IDEAL Collaboration, while Dr. Sedrakyan is a Professor at Weill Cornell Medical College and the leader of the Medical Device Epidemiology Network’s (MDEpiNet) Coordinating, Science and Infrastructure Center. Together, they work to make BMJ SIT a forum for the scientific evaluation and improvement of surgery and other complex interventions.