Table 2

Clinical outcomes of the propensity match analysis comparing patients treated with the CONCORDE Bullet with matched patients treated with alternative therapies

Outcomes: Propensity match analysisCONCORDE Bullet (%)Alternative IVBI (%)Relative risk95% CIP value
Primary endpoint:
 Reoperation at 1 year11.400.0n/an/a0.316
Secondary endpoints:
 Mortality at 1 year11.400.0n/an/a0.316
 Any hospitalization at 1 year1521.7710.12.14(0.93 to 4.93)0.063
 Blood transfusion (postoperative)710.134.32.33(0.63 to 8.66)0.189
 Surgical site infection00.000.0n/an/an/a
  • IVBI, intervertebral body implant.