Table 2

Descriptive summary of the 30 included studies used in this systematic review and meta-analysis

Total number of studies30
Total number of participants2564
Sample size range18–619
Mean sample size per study152 (SD=119)
Range of follow-up period10 days–24 weeks
Study period or duration1992–2012
Studies reporting age, n (%)24/30 (70)
Mean age range; mean age (years)52.1–69.3; 59 (SD=4.3)
Total number of studies reporting gender, n (%)21/30 (70)
Range of number of men; mean number of men12–240; 49 (SD=53)
Range of number of women; mean number of women1–88; 26 (SD=22)
Number of studies reporting ethnicity, n (%)5/30 (16.7)
Number of studies reporting socioeconomic status, n (%)1/30 (3.3)
Geographic settingEurope and USA (70%)
Publication languageEnglish (93%)
Study setting, n (%)Hospital 8/30 (26.7)
Outpatient 17/30 (56.7)
Both 2/30 (6.7)
Studies reporting wound size (area), n (%)20/30 (67)
Studies reporting wound duration, n (%)14/30 (70)
Studies reporting hemoglobin A1C (HgbA1C), n (%)8/30 (26.7)
HgbA1C (range) (%)7.25–9.25
Studies reporting on duration of diabetes, n (%)14/30 (70)
Duration of diabetes (range) (years)13–21
Studies reporting baseline peripheral arterial insufficiency, n (%)9/30 (30)
Studies reporting body mass index, n (%)5/30 (16.7)
  • This data table has been adapted from the summary data of the 30 included studies.