Table 2

Operative and postoperative outcomes in patients undergoing robot-assisted precision prostatectomy, n=8 (MPP; IDEAL stage 1/2a)

Operative time (incision–closure) in minutes; median (IQR)173 (143–185)
Console time (console start–finish) in minutes; median (IQR)134 (108–148)
Patients with suprapubic tube at end of procedure; n (%)7 (87.5)
Estimated blood loss; median (IQR)100 (85–200)
Volume of prostate tissue left behind in *cm∧3; median (IQR)4 (2–7)
Complications/adverse outcomes; n (%)
 Intraoperative complications0 (0)
 Margin positivity of the remnant tissue on frozen section analysis0 (0)
 Need for conversion to radical prostatectomy0 (0)
Length of stay in days; median (IQR)1 (1–1)
Postoperative complications**; n (%)0 (0)
Hospital readmission in 30 days; n (%)0 (0)
Pathological analysis; n (%)
 Pathological tumor stage; n (%)
 pT2a3 (37.5)
 pT2c5 (62.5)
 Highest Gleason score; n (%)
 3+31 (12.5)
 3+46 (75)
 4+31 (12.5)
 Lymph-node involvement; n (%)0 (0)
 Nerve sparing on the side of the dominant nodule; n (%)
 Veil5 (62.5)
 Standard3 (37.5)
 Surgical margin positivity; n (%)
 On the side of the radical dissection0 (0)
 On the side of the precision prostatectomy2 (25)
PSA at 12 months; median (IQR)0.2 (0.1–0.4)
Patients with biochemical recurrence per AUA definition; n (%)2 (25)
Patients with biochemical recurrence per ASTRO criteria; n (%)0 (0)
Patients undergone additional therapy at latest follow-up (24-30 months); n (%)0 (0)
Urinary continent at 12 months; n (%)8 (100)
Sexual health at 12 months; n (%)
 Potent at 12 months***8 (100)
 Using PDE-5 inhibitors4 (50)
 Using intracavernosal injections0 (0)
  • *n=6 for this data point; **Postoperative complications included need for blood transfusion, DVT/PE, lymphoceles, urinary tract infection or cardiopulmonary events; ***Five out of the eight patients were potent by 1 month (total=62.5%), an additional two were potent by 4 months (total=87.5%), and all were potent by 12 months (100%).

  • AUA, American Urological Association; DVT, deep vein thrombosis; PE, pulmonary embolism; PSA, prostate-specific antigen.