Table 1

Preoperative characteristics in patients undergoing robot-assisted precision prostatectomy, n=8 (MPP; IDEAL stage 1/2a)

Demographic details
 Age in years; median (IQR)54 (52–57)
 BMI in kg/m2; median (IQR)29 (24.7–34.3)
 Comorbidities; n (%)
  Diabetes mellitus2 (25)
  Hypertension1 (12.5)
  COPD/Asthma0 (0)
  Cerebrovascular disease2 (25)
 Prior abdominal surgeries0 (0)
American Society of Anesthesiologists score; median (IQR)2 (1–3)
Tumor characteristics
 PSA in ng/mL; median (IQR)4.4 (3.8–6.1)
 Clinical tumor stage; n (%)
  cT15 (62.5)
  cT2a3 (37.5)
 Transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy (12–16 cores)
 Highest Gleason score; n (%)5 (62.5)
  3+34 (50)
  3+44 (50)
 Number of positive cores; median (IQR)3.5 (2–5)
 Percent core positivity; median (IQR)29.2 (16.7–41.7)
 Unilateral disease (core positivity limited to one side); n (%)6 (75)
Preoperative IIEF-5 score; median (IQR)24 (23–25)
Preoperative IPSS score; median (IQR)3 (2.5–3.5)
  • BMI, body mass index; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; IIEF-5, International Index of Erectile Function; IPSS, International Prostate Symptom Score; IQR, IQR range; PSA, prostate specific antigen.