Table 2

Primary and secondary objectives of the MAST trial

ObjectivesOutcome measures/endpoints
Primary objectiveAssess the proportion of patients that had additional electrode contacts implanted in the SEEG-defined seizure onset zone.
Secondary objectivesFor each case, we will assess:
  • Pre-implantation confidence of the MDT members in identifying a seizure onset zone (prior to MELD information) as a measure of the ‘difficulty’ of the SEEG exploration

  • Number of electrodes added

  • Number of electrodes already in identified lesions

  • Was a MELD-identified cluster part of the SOZ (and if so, how many clusters?)

  • Would the SOZ have been identified without MELD?

  • Blinded neurophysiological assessment of the SOZ contacts with and without additional electrodes

  • Putative resection boundaries with and without the additional electrodes, to be modelled by a neurosurgeon

  • Safety of adding additional electrodes

  • MDT, multidisciplinary team; MELD, multicentre epilepsy lesion detection; SEEG, stereoelectroencephalography; SOZ, Seizure Onset Zone.