Table 3

Interrupted time series regression results assessing the impact of ERAS on LOS*

CovariatesParameter (SE)P value
Intercept23.3 (16.9)0.178
Average age−0.03 (0.30)0.909
Per cent open0.77 (0.11)<0.001
Per cent weekend0.45 (0.22)0.054
Per cent ASA mild−0.04 (0.07)0.556
Per cent ASA missing−0.12 (0.12)0.351
Baseline trend−0.43 (0.15)0.008
Level change after intervention1.01 (2.00)0.621
Trend change after intervention0.32 (0.17)0.067
Adjusted R-square0.71
  • *We modelled monthly average LOS as a function of trend (procedure month), intervention period (0, 1), and covariates where there was significant difference between the preintervention and postintervention samples (age, ASA rating and weekend). The data had 40 periods (months).

  • ASA, American Society of Anesthesia; ERAS, enhanced recovery after surgery; LOS, length of stay.