Table 1

Key process metrics for reporting eras pathway compliance

MetricCriteria for compliance
Preoperative phase
1. Bowel preparationIf patient is undergoing debulking, were they administered mechanical bowel prep and oral antibiotics?
All other patients: Was no bowel prep administered?
2. Preoperative nutritionDid the patient drink one of the approved preoperative carbohydrate drinks on the morning of surgery?
3. Preoperative site prep:Did the patient use chlorhexidine wash at least once preoperatively? (exclude vaginal hysterectomy)
4. Preemptive non-opioid analgesiaDid the patient receive preoperative acetaminophen or celecoxib?
Perioperative phase
5. Intraoperative antiemeticsDid the patient receive two or more antiemetics?
6. Intraoperative fluid management:Did the patient receive ≤4 mL/kg/hour of crystalloid/colloid intraoperatively?
7. Wound protector useIf the colon was divided, was a wound protector used?
Postoperative phase
8. Postoperative analgesiaDid patient receive non-opioid analgesics (Ketorolac, acetaminophen, NSAIDS) at least once within 24 hours?
9. Postoperative fluid managementDid patients receive ≤1 mg/kg/hour of intravenous fluids for the first 48 hours postoperatively (average)?
10. Early postoperative ambulationDid the nurse document that the patient was out of bed to chair or ambulating within 8 hours after surgery?
  • NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.