Table 1

Number of knots tied with each method, and proportion of knots tied with each method that slipped on testing, mean length of slippage MM, and proportional increase in amount of suture material held within knot post slippage, for each method and 95% CI

Method of formation of square reef knotNo of knots tiedNo and proportion (%) of knots that slipped on testingMean length of slippage, mm and proportional degree of slippage, (%), recorded for knot method95% lower CI, mm (%)95% upper CI, mm (%)Median length of slippage mm
Flat reef knot12024 (20)1.2 (6.3)0.5 (2.2)2.0 (10.4)0.0
No hand crossing knot120120 (100)18.5 (113.0)15.5 (94.3)21.5 (131.0)11.9
Knot tied under tension120120 (100)50.6 (312.0)45.9 (280.0)55.4 (344.0)51.5