Table 2

Themes related to men’s perceptions of partial gland ablation

ThemesSummaryRepresentative quotes
Psychological safety in low-risk and favorable intermediate-risk prostate cancerMost men described a feeling of psychological safety with having low-risk PCa, while some men expressed discomfort with the uncertainty associated with cancer diagnosis.“At first I was kind of shocked but … then found out it was on the low end of the scale, I felt better… I felt more in control of the thing.”
Preference for minimalismMost patients expressed preference for minimally invasive therapy when presented treatment options for their low-grade PCa.“I’m by and large a subscriber to taking a minimalist approach.”
The central role of the physicianMany patients trusted and followed their urologists’ recommendations in the decision-making process.“If in the opinion of the treating physicians, the focal therapy is likely to be effective, I think that would be the most significant consideration.”
Intensity of treatment parallels disease severityMany patients described their decision to pursue active surveillance as a logical process whereby low-risk disease was appropriately managed by observation.“I wanted a treatment that was … like relative to the risk.”
  • PCa, prostate cancer.