Table 1

Input costs for a hypothetical example of a procedure with a new surgical robotic system

Robot-assisted procedure
Fixed cost
 New surgical robotic system€1 000 000Assumption*
 Useful life surgical robotic system (in years)7Assumption*
 Annual interest rate4.20%5
 Annual maintenance cost€80 000Assumption*
 Annual number of procedures200Assumption*
Fixed cost per procedure€1239
Variable cost
 Variable cost robotic system€1500Assumption*
Total cost€2739
Endoscopic procedure
Fixed cost
 Endoscopy tower€100 000Radboudumc
 Useful life endoscopy tower (in years)7Radboudumc
 Annual interest rate4.20%5
 Annual maintenance cost€8000Assumption*
 Annual number of procedures2005
Fixed cost per procedure€124
Variable cost
 Variable cost endoscopic procedure€1000Assumption*
Total cost€1124
Benefit for potential effects
Duration of operation (min)€13.93Radboudumc
Complication with Clavien-Dindo I/II€500018–20*
Complication with Clavien-Dindo III–V€16 00018–20*
Lasting complication€15 00018–20*
Positive margin€500018–20*
Hospitalization (day)€6685
QALY€50 0009
  • *We illustrated the use of the model with a hypothetical example, for which we used the input values given in this table. Even though these input values were based on existing literature, these do not reflect a specific indication.

  • QALY, quality-adjusted life year.