Table 3

Key recommendations based on findings from simulated use and drills

User interfaceAdd label to console screen buttonsUpdated
Improve drapes and drape connectorsUpdated
Increase light intensity of orientation arrowUpdated
User manualAdd direct references to troubleshooting in the user manualPlanned for future version
Expand and review the index in the instrument and accessories manual so that readers find terms more easilyPlanned for future version
Emphasize how to change from trainer to surgical mode on consoleImplemented*
TrainingEmphasize drape attachment techniqueImplemented
Emphasize optimal BSU positioningImplemented
Emphasize cart orientationImplemented
More time for bedside team at the console to improve their understanding of using the hand controllers and menu navigationImplemented
More time for surgeons at the bedside to improve their knowledge of the arm mode map and general use of the BSUs including sleep button, brake button orientationImplemented
Emphasize docking features can be stowed under console armsImplemented
System issuesImprove console’s brakeUpdated
Improve camera connectionUpdated
HUD internal component upgradedUpdated
  • *A new chapter on Versius Trainer will be added to the user manual.

  • BSU, bedside unit; HUD, head-up display.