Table 1

NESTcc data quality domain

NEST StageNESTcc data quality domain
  • *Data consistency: relevant uniformity of data across all hospitals, providers, and outpatients (eg, population/cohort identification, clinical documentation practices/policies between entities, workflow descriptions).

  • †Data completeness: presence of the necessary data elements for outcome assessment, use of common data elements, all data are electronically available and either complete or with little missing data.

  • ‡Data models: CDMs include all data needed for decision making (eg, clinical data elements, unique device identifier).

  • §Data accuracy: EHR data are validated systematically, with comparison to the source, independent measurement, upstream data source, and known standard or valid values (eg, audits from charts).

  • ¶Data automation: queries able to be run automatically against CDMs.

  • CDM, common data model; EHR, electronic health record; NEST, National Evaluation System for health Technology.